Successful Interim Management Project Reports and their Results

Automotive, Environment and Machinery Industry in China/Asia
Best Practice in Industry by Karlheinz Zuerl 2014 -2022

  • The successful projects and their results
  • The expert for cost management and business development in China and Asia
  • For your Path to Profit Growth

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1993 was the first time, Karlheinz came to China. He started in 2008 to discover other Asian countries and worked there.
As an entrepreneur and business man, he gained a foothold there for business and pleasure. Karlheinz is able to dispel mistakes about China.
At each project, he brought the land closer to the Europeans and the Western world, and finished all his projects successfully.
Every day in projects, for Westerners pitfalls cannot be avoided. Just avoid to step in at next project with same mistakes. So, his enormous cultural and industry experience in Asia is a guaranty for his customer ́s success.

What is the advantage of studying this e-book?

With Karlheinz ́s 40 years of automotive experience, his mandates range from classic general management to executive consulting for transformations in the supply chain and in quality management. With Karlheinz ́s enormous cultural and industry experience in Asia described within this E-book, you will receive following benefits:

  • Best practice in production and ramp up of lean manufacturing
  • How to restructure operation and quality management to achieve 0 defects.
  • How to bring employees behind a learning organization
  • How to develop business with growth in turnover and profit
  • How to improve supply chain and gain huge cost savings
  • How to increase utilization ratio of machines without additional investments
  • How to find new locations of plants in China and how to implement project management for relocation
  • How to improve sales organization to sign more contracts and get more business
  • How to restructure purchasing sector to save costs at dealing with non-productive material and productive material department
  • How to restructure project management to keep deadlines and prevent quality problems in order to keep the start of series production
  • How to handle effectively compliance processes at supply chain and improvements
  • Best practice in customer relationship management to gain back trust and confidence and to achieve more orders.

ISBN 978-3-939366-72-0
1.Auflage 2022

Author: Karlheinz Zuerl
Year of publication: 2022