Affiliate Program

All the features you need to grow your business and your profit with affiliates are gathered by us. Promote GTEC’s products to your global audience with one simple link. 10+ Online Products. Secure Payment Process. 24/7 Customer Service. 2M+ Product Reviews.

Our Brands: Virtual Management System VMS, Success System, B.A.N.K., Smart Travel, GTEC Academy, ASCIRA Academy, GTEC E-Book shop, ZOOM, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Social Network platform, Ecommerce platform, and many others to come.

Become a GTEC affiliate and earn when you share.

Why join?

Base 15% to 50% commission on all sales you refer (best in class)
New business partners in 2022 earn 0.5%-share of company global income pool

GTEC delivers online products to over 72 countries with one of the highest industry conversion rates. Our VMS supports several languages, currencies, and payment options.

Promote over 10 different online and physical products from trusted brands in Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Personal Branding, Online Conferencing, Health, and more. We offer the same reputable brands found at large international websites under one roof.

Access detailed reports, advanced tracking, coupons, creative assets, and receive weekly promotion updates.

Why Customers Love Us

We have a clear vision: beyond of billion people a affiliates

We have a clear mission: Team building of extraordinary entrepreneurs and leaders

GTEC Global is very active: you will find us as your business partner at Linkedin, Xing and in over 72 countries

Huge Network of over 10000 people worldwide already, top physical events round the globe, weekly online workshop and leadership and product trainings in several languages

Promote a leading company in business development

The 2022 International Business Awards Winner

GOLD 2022 Stevie Winner

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