Karlheinz ZUERL’s new Chinese Partner in Interim Management

China expert Karlheinz Zuerl is expanding interim management and consultancy for western companies in China

Karlheinz Zuerl with James Lu In response to the growing demand for Western companies in China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and SEA to improve their local business development, Karlheinz Zuerl is expanding his team as an Interim Manager and Executive Consultant for electric-motion, environment, and machinery industry in Asia.

His international profile at DDIM has more than 10000 views.

Karlheinz Zuerl is one of the most prominent consultants and interim managers for quality, production, purchasing, market development and sales in Asia. He has been living in China for over 14 years, so he knows the customs in the country better than almost any other German manager.

He found James Lu, a professional management consultant who has rich factory working experience from engineer to manager, and 10+ years of experience working in enterprise management in different industries including Electrical and Electronic, Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Home Appliances, Communications, Building, and Construction, etc

James Lu – Professional management consultant

Visit his vitae to download his resume and contact him directly for business support.

Despite the implantation of the China+1 strategy in most companies in China, which aims to lower their financial risks by driving business in neighborhood countries outside of China such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India, China still plays the most important role for German companies due the huge business opportunities of 1.4 billion potential customers. This is the reason why key players are still investing heavily here.

“Our strengths are in developing our staff to a high-performing culture and learning organization”, which is unique in Asia. It is a common misconception that if you train and educate people they will leave and work for your competitors. Now, robots and automation are replacing a lot of humans, because they are able to work 24/7 and maintain good quality, which is crucial in automotive and high-volume production. This is certainly necessary but not enough. Instead, we focus on motivation, coaching, and vision and bring all staff behind our goals and KPIs, which lead to outstanding performance in all departments over the past 14 years.”, Karlheinz Zuerl summarizes his strategy.

Especially during the current post-COVID-pandemic in China, which has caused unexpected challenges in missing cashflow of companies and layoffs, experienced managers are required to remain focused on the business objectives and to provide the necessary oversight. Although employees in China are well protected by labor law, letting plants go bankrupt in order to get rid of expensive staff is not the best solution. A better option would be to restructure to attract new customers, involve existing customers, labor unions, landlords, and local governments in the process of communication, and relocate to places that are cheaper, even overseas if necessary.

“Never give up. Every problem has a solution. That is why we are looking for more qualified partners to join our team to cover the urgent needs of our clients. But first, let’s welcome James Lu to our team”, as Karlheinz Zuerl finalized.

Karlheinz Zuerl is the owner of GTEC, German Technology, and Engineering Cooperation