Digital Twins for Robots: Off-line Programming and Virtual Commissioning

2023.04.14, 2023.07.28, 2023.11.17

Chinese, duration 1 day

Objectives and Content

The increasing demand for customization, shortened product lift-cycles and increasing labor cost raise new challenges for production systems. Flexible systems are needed, that can adapt to these changing requirements and achieve similar cost efficiency as traditional lean production systems. This course introduces the development of industrial robots and basic robot motion control. Off-line robot programming is introduced with FASTSUITE software. The concept of digital twins for robots is applied in an application case with a UR robot. A scalable robot station developed by item will be used in the course.

Target Group

This training was developed for managers and engineers to strengthen their understanding of robotics applications and emerging trends in robot programming.

Why this training is very important for your career and for your company?

  • Learn how to solve complex problems in production and office
  • learn a structured process for problem solving


  • Industrial Robotics Overview and Introduction
    • a) Robot Motion Control
    • b) Basic Robot Operation Demonstration
  • Robot Simulation and Offline Programming
    • a) Robot Programming with FASTSUITE software
    • b) Deployment of the program on a UR robot
  • Application of the Digital Twin
    • a) The meaning and value behind the Digital Twin
    • b) Understanding and designing flexible production line systems
    • c) Meet demand and optimizing decisions with digital twins


定制化需求的增加、产品周期 的缩短压力 以及劳动力成本的增加, 给生产系统带来了 新的挑战。企业需要灵活的系统,以适应这些不断变化的需求,并实现与传统精益生产系统类似的成
本课程介绍工业机器人的发展和基本运动控制,介绍如何利用 FASTSUITE 飞思德软件进行机器人离线编程的方法 以 及如何将数字 孪 生 概念应用于 UR 机器人的实际应用案例中。课程中将运用到item开发的可拓展机器人站。




  • 工业机器人概述和实践
    • a) 机器人运动控制
    • b) 基本机器人操作演示
  • 机器人仿真和离线编程
    • a) 学习使用 FASTSUITE 软件为机器人编程
    • b) 在 UR 机器人上部署程序
  • 数字孪生的应用a) 数字孪生的意义和价值
    • b)了解和设计灵活的生产线系统
    • c) 通过数字双胞胎满足需求并优化决策

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