Zero Waste Day 2024: Urging Waste Management to Lead the Zero Waste Movement

Zero Waste Day 2024

The United Nations recently hosted an event commemorating the second International Day of Zero Waste, shining a spotlight on a project launched in Türkiye aimed at lessening waste accumulation.

Zero Waste Day 2024

March 30 was designated as the International Day of Zero Waste by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 2022.

This occasion presents an excellent opportunity to address a sector often overlooked in its connection to nature and biodiversity, emphasizing the crucial necessity for effective business initiatives and detailing practical approaches for businesses to succeed in this effort.

Turkish First Lady Emine Erdoğan urged concrete actions toward sustainability during the event.

Zero Waste Day 2024: Urging Waste Management to Lead the Zero Waste Movement

In a video message sent to the event in New York, she highlighted the alarming reality of daily plastic waste equivalent to the load of 2,000 garbage trucks being dumped into oceans, rivers, and lakes.

She questioned the morality behind humanity’s creation of plastic islands, akin to continents, floating in the ocean, and pondered whether progress should not contribute to a more civilized and humane world.

Drawing from the harsh lessons of climate change and environmental pollution, she stressed the imperative to combat these challenges and take tangible steps toward sustainability in the context of the responsibility to future generations.

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