Structured Problem Solving

2023.03.31, 2023.07.21, 2023.11.10

Chinese, duration 1 day

Target Group

Professionals and managers who want to develop bulletproof problem-solving skills, independent of your function in industry, nonprofit sector, or government.

Objectives and Content

The importance of the ability to solve problems has increased at the same rate as the pace of economic and technological change in recent years. The only way to successfully navigate through these changes is to be a fluent and creative problem solver. That’s why the World Economic Forum has identified complex problem solving as the most important skill for the twenty-first century. As ever more data becomes available, the requirements on the quality of thinking increases steadily. This course introduces the structured process for problem solving that is not taught in universities and still missing in most companies.

Why this training is very important for your career and for your company?

  • Learn how to solve complex problems in production and office
  • learn a structured process for problem solving


  • Why are structured problem-solving methods necessary
  • What is structured problem solving
  • Content of problem-solving story board
  • Process of problem solving
  • Problem solving steps breakdown
  • Case practice: group sharing and presentation




近年来,解决问题的能力的重要性与经济和技术变革的速度同步增长。成功驾驭这些变化的唯一方法是成为一个流畅的、有创造力的问题解决者。这就是为什么世界经济论坛将解决复杂问题确定为二十一世纪最重要的技能。 随着越来越多的数据可用, 对思维质量的要求也在稳步提高。本课程介绍了解决问题的结构化过程,这是大学里没有教授的,而且在大多数公司里仍然缺少。


  • 为什么要进行问题解决方法的培训?
  • 什么是结构化问题解决方法?
  • 问题解决目视板
  • 结构化问题解决的流程
  • 结构化问题解决步骤
  • 案例实操:小组分享和发表

2500 RMB/participant

If interested in, please send an email or call us for asking details and for quick enrollment process.