Information Value Stream Mapping for Digitalization Initiatives

2023.05.19, 2023.09.08, 2023.12.08

Chinese, duration 1 day

Objectives and Content

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a classic tool of Lean Manufacturing: A simple, quick and visual tool to understand the current material flow and information flow in your company. Through the analysis of the current value stream map, wasteful areas and improvement points can be quickly identified. The implementation of digitalization projects can make effective use of value stream mapping to enable rapid identification of opportunities and effective communication across departments. Information Value Stream Mapping, as the most effective tool, extends the approach towards and pays special attention to the data and information layer. This workshop introduces the basic theory of Value Stream Mapping and gives a systematic approach on how to account for the information layer in business processes. Participants will gain a deeper understanding through team practice and introduction to successful digitalization projects.

Target Group

This workshop is suitable for everyone who is involved in production or supply chain management and wants to further improve in this area. VSM training as a basis for lean manufacturing is not only suitable for production site managers, but also for managers who are exploring digitalization projects.


This seminar will cover the following aspects of VSM:

  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping
  • Introduction to Digitalization
  • Information VSM
  • Value Stream Design
  • Value Stream Mapping Case Studies




此研讨会适用于贵司每一个从事生产或供应链管理工作并希望在此领域得到进一步提升的人员。VSM 作为精益生产的基础培训不仅适用于生产现场管理人员,也适用于探讨数字化项目的管理者。


此研讨会将覆盖 VSM 方面的以下相关知识:

  • 价值流图简介
  • 数字化简介
  • 信息价值流
  • 价值流设计
  • 价值流图案例实践

If interested in, please send an email or call us for asking details and for quick enrollment process.