Digital Shop Floor Management in Suzhou

2023.03.17, 2023.07.14, 2023.10.27

Chinese, duration 1 day

Target group:

This training was developed for managers and engineers to strengthen their leadership capabilities for successful shop floor meetings.

Objectives and Content

Shop floor management is a well-established management concept for strengthening coordination and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Shop floor management is much more than meetings and key figures. In essence, it is about a human-centered understanding of leadership that puts employee development in the spotlight. Personal contact, regular coordination and a high degree of identification with the results of the work are crucial to the success. The market demands ever greater flexibility, requiring stable and controlled processes. Success results from the real-time transparency of performance losses combined with the timely elimination of problems across departments. Historical data is only of limited help here, so the digitalization of shop floor management offers enormous advantages.

Why this training is very important for your career and for your company?

  • Learn how to increase productivity by choosing the right tasks for lean production
  • learn how to increase the profit and growth on your shop floor using lean methods and tools
  • Get an overview of benefits from Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Production


  • Introduction of shop floor management
  • Success criteria for shop floor management
  • Case study: Leading a shop floor management meeting
  • Traditional shop floor management and its challenges
  • Shop floor management in the era of Industry 4.0
    • a) Digital shop floor management
    • b) Building blocks for an intelligent shop floor management
    • c) Potential contradictions to the traditional approach 
Digital Shop Floor Management in Suzhou




车间管理是一个成熟的管理概念,旨在加强协调和培养持续改进的文化。车间管理远不仅仅是 会议和关键指标。 从本质上讲,它是一种以人为本的对领导力的理解,聚焦于员工的发展。 个人沟通、定期协调和对工作成果的高度认同是成功的关键。市场要求越来越大的灵活性,这 需要稳定和可控的流程。 成功来自于绩效损失的实时透明化,以及跨部门问题的及时消除。 历史数据在这里的帮助是有限的,所以车间管理的数字化提供了巨大的优势。


  • 车间管理介绍
  • 车间管理的成功标准
  • 案例分析:领导车间管理会议
  • 传统的车间管理及其挑战
  • 工业 4.0 时代的车间管理
    • a) 数字化车间管理
    • b) 智能化车间管理的基石
    • c) 与传统方法的潜在矛盾 

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