After having a warm shower (see my post from Jan 29), discover five of the best Sustainability Groups and Resources in Shanghai

Target is environmental protection and zero-waste lifestyle.

  1. Boomi: production of ecofriendly and zero-waste products, passionate about education and community building, organization of summits about climate change and plastic consumption.
  2. Eco Design Fair: featuring environmental conscious companies, encourages a lifestyle of reusing and recycling. Opportunity to sell used clothes or toys, buy zero waste products from producers, and health food for kids.
  3. Green Initiatives: writing articles on sustainable living on Wechat, organizing panel discussions, forums cover topics of design and planning eco cities
  4. Savvy Exchanger: community for hosting regular clothes swaps. Second-hand markets, selling sustainable products, raise environmental awareness.
  5. Zer`o Waste Shanghai: offering workshops and corporate trainings on zero waste principles and home composting techniques, works with international schools to get students involved in the waste reduction process.

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