One-to-one management coaching & certificate

Target group

This is an intensive interactive course in English for those professionals who are seeking advice, skills and mindset to go to the next level in their field. This training sessions will be held online via Zoom meeting. Duration is about one year with monthly sessions and homework between. For those who have chosen GTEC profit growth academy program as subscription model, this outstanding course is free of charge.

Why this training is very important for your career and for your company?
  • Whether you’re looking to improve your core leadership skills, implement changes in your organization, or need insights into how to lead into the future, our programs are specifically designed to provide the tools and knowledge needed to help maximize your leadership impact.
  • The business world is changing faster than ever.
  • New technology, new terminology, new industries, a transforming workforce. How can you ensure that you and your organization keep up, thrive, and have the tools needed to take on the future?
For example: Interim General Manager & Leadership skills (with certificate, if needed):
  • AGENDA Module 1
    • Introduction Profit Growth Academy
    • B.A.N.K. test
    • B.A.N.K. overview & practice (videos)
  • AGENDA Module 2
    • Economic Outlook
    • Strategy and Finance
    • Climate and Clean Technology
    • ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)
  • AGENDA Module 3
    • Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Preparing for the Coaching Process
    • Leading and Influencing
    • Barriers to Change
  • AGENDA Module 4
    • Brand and Digital Marketing
    • Transforming Operations and Optimizing Supply Chain
    • Networking
  • AGENDA Module 5
    • Technology Strategy
    • The Future of Finance
    • AI, Big Data, and Analytics
    • The Future of Work
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Globalization
    • Managing Stakeholders
    • Social Responsibility
    • Negotiations
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Reflections and Wrap Up
  • AGENDA Module 6
    • Business Development
    • Sales skills to increase turnover and bonus
  • Final test exam and certificate
Lean Production enabled by Industry 4.0 (工业4.0背景下的企业精益生产管理)