Scalable Automation by Human-Robot Collaboration

In 2023

Min. 6 participants of each of this special course.
We suggest one company to apply for one training.

Target Group

This training was developed for managers and engineers who seek for potentials of automation while maintaining flexibility.

Objectives and Content

The increasing demand for customization, shortened product lift-cycles and increasing labor cost raise new challenges for production systems. Flexible systems are needed, that can adapt to these changing requirements and achieve similar cost efficiency as traditional lean production systems. Scalable Automation allows a quick adaption of the automation level of an assembly system. Enablers for scalable automation are introduced in this course. Special attention is paid to proper task allocation between human operators and Collaborative Robots (Cobots).

Why this training is very important for your career and for your company?

  • Learn how to seek for potentials of automation while maintaining flexibility
  • learn how to do proper task allocation between human operators and Collaborative Robots (Cobots).


  • Introduction of changeability and scalable automation
    • Manual assembly line practice and discussion
    • Challenges and change drivers enabled by Industry 4.0
    • Introduction of scalable automation
  • Assessment of automation levels
    • Overview of assessment tool and functionalities
    • Case study: Changeability analysis
  • Introduction of human-robot collaboration
    • Industrial robots and Cobots
    • Show case of Cobots
    • Case study: Scenario development
  • Cost analysis and roadmap development
    • Introduction of Monte Carlo simulation
    • Case study: Analysis of optimal scaling path




与日俱增的个性化需求、越来越短的产品全生命周期以及逐渐上涨的劳动力成本对生产系统提出了新的挑战。我们需要灵活的系统,以适应这些不断变化的需求,并实现类似于传统精益生产系统的成本效率。可扩展的自动化允许快速调整装配系统的自动化水平。本课程将介绍可扩展自动化的推动因素, 重点关注于 人 工操作员 和协作 机器人 ( Cobots )之间的任务分配问题。


  • 可变型与可扩展自动化介绍
    • 手工装配线的实践与讨论
    • 工业 4.0
    • 带来的挑战与驱动因素
  • 可拓展自动化介绍
    • 自动化水平评估
    • 评估工具与功能的概述
    • 案例分析:可变型分析
  • 人机协作介绍
    • 工业机器人与协作机器人
    • 协作机器人的案例分享
    • 案例分析:方案场景开发
  • 成本分析和路线图制定
    • 蒙特卡洛模拟介绍
    • 案例分析:最佳扩展路径分析
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