Quality specifications: Key Tips for Successful China Sourcing

Quality specifications Key Tips for Successful China Sourcing

Direct sourcing from China opens doors to incredible possibilities, but the key to success lies in your quality specifications. Here are some pro tips to make sure your orders match your expectations.

Clear quality specifications reshape your China sourcing experience

When it comes to ensuring quality conformity, we rely on two crucial documents: The Product Specification Sheet (PSS) and The Inspection Specification Sheet (ISS).

GTEC Quality specifications Key Tips for Successful China Sourcing

These power-packed papers each have their role to play at various stages of our sourcing program. Always keep in mind, quality assurance begins even before placing the order.

The PSS is your go-to guide, detailing every technical requirement of your desired product. It helps suppliers provide accurate price quotes and sets the quality standards for your order.

The PSS isn’t just about technical details – it’s about communication. Suppliers understand your needs accurately, resulting in precise quotes and streamlined processes.

Imagine suppliers struggling with scattered info, resulting in inaccurate quotes and mismatched products.

The PSS bridges the gap, ensuring suppliers understand your needs, resulting in precise quotes and avoiding unwelcome surprises.

The ISS, on the other hand, is your quality assurance roadmap, ensuring your products meet the right standards. It outlines how, when, and to what level your products should be inspected, from production stages to pre-shipment checks.

No more back-and-forth confusion – just efficient collaboration.

GTEC quality assurance roadmap

How It Works

You control the process: PSS and ISS need written approval from you and the factory. Remember this, a well-structured PSS and ISS set you up for success from the start.

With these specifications in place, you can wave goodbye to worries about incorrect merchandise and welcome a smoother process.

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