China Remains an Appealing Sourcing Market

GTEC China Remains an Appealing Sourcing Market

Despite some Western politicians’ calls for “de-risking” from China, China still holds the leading position as the most prominent sourcing destination of enterprises. According to a newly released report by ARC Consulting, 35 percent of respondents started new sourcing activities in China over the past 12 months.

There are several reasons for China’s continued appeal as a sourcing destination:

  • First, China has a large and high-quality labor force.
  • Second, China has invested heavily in infrastructure, making it easy to transport goods and materials.
  • Third, China has a large domestic market, which presents significant opportunities for foreign companies.

While the pandemic and lockdowns have caused some challenges for supply chains, the report suggests that these challenges are becoming more manageable.

Companies are also recognizing that China offers a number of advantages that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as a competitive cost structure and a wide range of suppliers.

China Remains an Appealing Sourcing Market

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