CIMT 2023 – China International Machine Tool Show. Start: 10/04/2023, end: 15/04/2023

Digital & intelligent manufacturing is embracing the future. CIMT is the best known, largest and most influential professional machine tool fair in China. GTEC goes there to see the latest high-tech developments in automation, speed and precision.

It is recognized by the international industry as one of the four major international machine tool fairs with European EMO, American IMTS and Japanese JIMTOF.

With the continuous improvement of the international status and influence of the CIMT exhibition, it has become an important place for international exchange and trade of advanced manufacturing technologies, an exhibition platform for the latest achievements of modern equipment manufacturing technology, and a weather vane and a barometer for the advancement of China’s machinery manufacturing technology and the development of the machine tool industry.


Items to be exhibited: Metal Cutting Machine, Metal Forming Machine, EDM, Laser Processing and Other Non -Traditional Machine Tools, Inspection & Measuring Equipment, CNC System, Industrial Robots, Logistics Distribution System, Wood Working Machine, etc.

“The application of hot technologies such as the IIoT, artificial intelligence, robot, and additive manufacturing in the machine tool industry will become my focus of attention. As a former toolmaker, quality manager, purchasing director, and now Interim Manager and Consultant, my clients can expect well-versed knowledge in technological trends and familiar with a variety of modern business and manufacturing concepts. This will certainly lead to a quick and high Return of Investment of total costs of customers”, said CEO of GTEC, Karlheinz Zuerl

How quick you can get ROI of automation?

“The high initial cost seems to be a disadvantage, but the real problem is that robotic automation, even though it has been used in industry for more than 40 years, is still seen as an uncertain investment. However, when all the risks and benefits are weighed up, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of robots. Thanks to the increasing demand for automation and improved hardware, the average ROI for robotizing a process is increasingly high.

But you don´t need to buy always new stuff. To reduce the initial investment, you can opt for used or reconditioned robots, which can have a good life expectancy.

You are still in doubt? Then let´s calculate ROI in percentage.

The basic formula is (Net Profit / Invested Capital) x 100. In practice, however, it is more complex: many factors have to be taken into consideration. Thus determining the real gains.

The calculation of the return on investment (ROI) of robots is generally related to several criteria:

  1. Initial robot cost
  2. Ongoing costs
  3. Labor cost savings
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Tax incentives
  6. Robot lifetime

Find all values for automation und determine current costs, which are:

  1. Cost of employees to be replaced, per year
  2. Cost of hiring, training, holidays and strikes of employees, per year
  3. Cost of production errors or rejects, per year
  4. Cost of quality control and rework, per year
  5. Cost of keeping safety high, per year
  6. Cost of accidents and probable workers’ compensation

Determining the costs of a robotic workstation:

  1. Cost of one or more robotics cell
  2. Cost of service and maintenance, per year
  3. Cost of wearing parts, per year
  4. Cost of electricity used by machines, per year
  5. Cost of personnel to operate the systems, per year
  6. Cost of unplanned failures, if any

Determine additional earnings by automation:

  1. Increase in production, per year
  2. Increase in probable customer loyalty and retention
  3. Increase in probable safety for staff due to fewer accidents
  4. Increase in probable products quality
  5. Tax benefits, e.g., for Industry 4.0

To get a fair estimate of profitability, it should be calculated over a horizon of 10 years, as an industrial robot works on average for 15 years.

Usually the initial cost of a robot implementation is amortized in about 1 year.

Last event in 2019 had 139079 visitors, with 1712 exhibitors (including 874 foreign exhibitors). In 2023, with a total exhibition area of 140,000 square meters, there are about 1600 machine tool industry enterprises from 28 countries and regions competing together.

If you need any support during or after exhibition, please send email to [email protected] or call 0086-13482438080.